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Located just 16 minutes from the city of St. John’s, in the beautiful town of Portugal Cove, St. Philips… Sits a charming picturesque estate in a country-like setting, Murray’s Pond Fishing & Country Club. 

With an extraordinary history dating back to the 1800’s, as part of The Newfoundland Game Fish Protection Society. We are one of the longest standing Country Clubs in Newfoundland & Labrador.


In  1886, The Newfoundland Game Fish Protection Society (a not-for-profit organization) was founded on Murray's Pond. Members of this society managed their business in a small country cottage, built sometime in 1830, located on the pond (commonly referred to as the "clubhouse").

It's first president, Mr. R.H. Brehm (elected in 1892), was followed by a list of distinguished business and professional leaders, who have adhered to the proud traditions of the club, as they advanced the club to meet an ever-changing society.

The society's purpose was to sustain a clean and vibrant Eco-habitat for the many different species of plant, insect and animal life present in the area. And to ensure the future of game fishing, while teaching the benefits of held on a recreational, economical and social level.


The society's hatchery, was once responsible for providing rainbow trout throughout the Northeast Avalon and other parts of the Province. 

Today, the original clubhouse is known as Murray's Pond Fishing & Country Club.


Members of Murray's Pond Fishing & Country Club benefit from the social activities and events hosted through the club, access to club facilities, free fly fishing & tying lessons, free tennis lessons... And more!

The perfect venue for meetings, dining and social events! 

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